Deildartunguhver has the highest flow rate of hot springs in Europe. The hot spring pumps 180 liters of 100°C (212°F) water per second, which is partially used to provide geothermal heating to homes in West Iceland.

Visit Deildartunguhver to witness this true force of nature or better yet, take a bath in the pure water of the hot spring at Krauma – Geothermal Nature Baths, to experience the hot spring in a whole new way.




The land Deildartunga belonged to the same family for 200 years before it was expropriated by the Iceland state. Before the expropriation the land belonged to Sigurbjörg Björnsdóttir (1886-1984). She was for the most part of her life a housemother in Deildartunga, where she ran a large a home. She knew of the health effects of the hot water for the body and soul. Sigurbjörg’s vision has finally materialized by making the healthy and mineral rich water of Deildartunguhver accessible to the public.

Old steam

Deildartunguhver was likely used for washing of clothes back in the day. 80-90 years ago a wooden duckt was built, about 600 meters long, that transported steam towards the old house. The steam was used to heat the house and water so inhabitants could shower with hot water and even steam food.


Around 1941 in Víðigerði, a greenhouse, was built by the hot spring and is still going strong. Vegetable cultivation has also been practiced in the vicinity for decades and water from the hot sprig used to heat up the gardens.

Blechnum Spicant


A special type of the fern Blechnum Spicant grows by Deildatunguhver. This rare type of fern has not been found anywhere else in the world. When the hot spring was utilized for geothermal heating it was not built over in order to protect the fern.



Brynhildur Sólveigardóttir

Architect FAÍ

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